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About Us
Off the Press

Artist publications are a statement, not only of the artist’s work contained but as an object in itself, created by the artist, designer and publisher, in collaboration with the printers and producers who apply the craft of making books to a considered representation of the artist.

In an age of pixelated digital media, it is timely to consider the printed book as art. Something created with imagination and skill, that is beautiful, that contains important ideas or feelings. Does the book not offer a unique extended expression or communication to reach its audience? The new print culture offers us a relatively inexpensive means of disseminating art as content in book form. The art book is, in fact, gaining strength thanks in part to new technologies with our highly efficient digital printing techniques, combined with designed and crafted embellishments to the publications covers and binding.

In the process of researching and producing Off the Press, we met with artists, illustrators, writers and gallerists, curators, designers, self-publishers, trade-publishers, and launching periodical publishers, each with a unique and considered view on creating a book that’s inspiring to the reader.

Through Off the Press, we hope to champion both the publishers and the books, showcasing a diverse body of thought relating to art, design, theory and practice – while also exhibiting the creative powers of New Zealand's specialist bookmakers.

Publications printed with Soar Arts, will not only be showcased in the online and printed versions of Off the Press, but are also provided with end to end service. We can help you to build your brand, promote events, sell products and work your database. We can also help with the complicated business of storing, packing and dispatching printed materials or publications. And we’re not just about ink on paper, because we offer electronic media solutions as well. 

Soar Arts produces and manages the many aspects of the publication process from planning and development to design. Choose your service needs, from elaborately embellished editions and bespoke bound hardback publications to affordable catalogues printed on digital presses. Exhibition collateral including merchandise such as catalogues, calendars, cards, stationery ranges such as greeting cards, postcards and packaging are a speciality where were we work closely with your designer or agency in crafting the merchandise program to extend the life and experience of your exhibition programs. Our consultative book packaging and planning services can assist with everything from design and formatting through to printing, distribution and marketing.